The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Dr. Arslan Musbeh

The FUE method is currently the most recent and hair transplant method. This method is minimally invasive and leaves no visible scar on the donor area.
Hair Transplant in Turkey
Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

One of the best hair transplant clinic Hairmedico in Turkey. Our clinic has provided over 10,000 patients so far, the best hair transplantation services,

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh has been performing hair transplant surgeries for more than 16 years. Patients from various countries prefer Hairmedico to get a quality result for the treatment of baldness.

Depending on the patient’s case, we use different hair implantation methods such as FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE

Dr. Arslan Musbeh perform only one patient and maximum two patients as daily average operations number..

Hair Transplant – Beard Transplant – Eyebrow Transplant – Fue Sapphire Method – DHI Technique – PRP Treatment – Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Transplant in Turkey



At Hairmedico, we specialize exclusively in the field of Hair Treatments and Surgeries. Our experience goes back 15 years with thousands of successful hair transplantation.

In short, Hairmedico’s priority is the absolute satisfaction of our patients who deserve a qualified and specialized doctor to obtain the best possible result.

One Patient Per Day


The FUE Hair Transplantation is a sensitive surgical act. The surgeon must be involved during the FUE hair transplant procedure. The surgery last at least 6 hours.

At Hairmedico, Dr Arslan operates one patient per day. Above all, it will assure the highest level of patient care, safety and results.

Definitive Solution


We provide a range of solutions that definitively solve your hair loss problems. Including Hair Transplant Turkey for men & women, Laser Therapy, Micropigmentation, FUE hair transplant, FUE beard transplant.

By contacting us, you can get more details and information about Hairmedico Hair Transplant Solutions powered by Lea Aesthetic.

Hair Loss Treatments & FUE Hair Transplantation

Is fue hair transplant safe? Which hair transplant clinic is the best? and etc. question’s answer: Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, FUE – Sapphire Method, DHI Technique, PRP Treatment, Baldness Treatment

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

FUE method hair transplant is a real alternative to restore baldness in men or women.

FUE hair restoration is minimally invasive and provides a natural-looking result.

FUE method with sapphire blade technique has the lowest possible risk of harming and damaging the scalp in the transplanted area.

Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments

PRP treatment that is simple and painless is completely natural, and therefore biocompatible. There is no risk of rejection or allergies.

PRP treatment is recommended in case of hair loss, thin hair type. Recommended before and after FUE hair transplant Turkey.

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Beard transplantation is a popular surgical act that can do wonders to recreate a full beard line or obtain density of facial hair.

Facial hair restoration (beard, moustache, sideburns, cheeks or any combination of these), requires a sufficient number of grafts (hair follicles) to obtain a satisfactory result.


  • Natural look
  • Maximum intensity
  • Quick improvements
  • Minimally invasive

The incisions on the scalp made with a sapphire blade are much slender comparing to the incisions made with standard instruments. The result can be accurate clean and minimal scalp trauma which speeds the healing and lessen scarring.

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh is one of the Hair Implant Surgeons, a pioneer specialist in FUE hair transplantation in Turkey.

He is specialized in alopecia and hair transplantation treatments.

He is currently a trainer at the D.I.U hair loss treatments and hair transplant at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France. Dr ARSLAN provides a practical training courses organized in Istanbul. Also, Workshops and Live Surgery sessions both in Turkey and abroad.

Dr ARSLAN has more than 15 years experience. He successfully performed thousands of cases of FUE hair and beard transplants on patients from different countries all over the world.

At Hairmedico, the medical team is exclusively dedicated to hair, beard and eyebrow transplants. It is composed of aesthetic surgeons, doctors specializing in FUE hair implants and several nurses trained by Dr ARSLAN Hair Transplant Turkey.

He takes care of his patients himself. From beginning to end and performs the surgical procedures himself Graft harvesting and Incisions .

Musbeh arslan Hairmedico
Dr. Arslan et ses étudiants

Hairmedico Academy

We not only do hair transplant in the world, but also teach hair transplant to doctors.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey Reviews

Perfect Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews and References from our patients:

Le Dr. Arslan est quelqu’un de passionné et attentif, il prend son temps et discute beaucoup avec le patient pour avoir le meilleur résultat possible. J’ai été accueillie dans une équipe sérieuse avec une ambiance familiale. Très contente de cette intervention et de la greffe.

Mariyam, France

Cela s’est très bien passé, nous avons bien été accueillie, le docteur nous a bien expliqué le travail d’implantation capillaire qui allait être utilisé. Je recommande ce docteur pour son professionnalisme et sa sympathie..

Hicham, Belgique

Il est important de bien choisir son médecin, le Docteur Arslan est très sérieux dans son travail et sait rassurer ses clients. Il s’agit d’un vrai médecin au contraire de certains sur le net et ses prix sont en plus très abordable.Il faut éviter par contre les offres low cost car il s’agit d’une vrai opération chirurgicale et esthétique.

Cyril, France

How Safe Is Hair Transplant? Side Effects After The Hair Transplant

How Safe Is Hair Transplant? Side Effects After The Hair Transplant

HOW SAFE IS HAIR TRANSPLANT?"Wound healing depends directly on the healing capacity of your body. -Itching after hair transplant: It is very likely to be itchy in the days following the hair transplant procedure. It is very often related to the scabs that form to heal...

Donor Area of FUE Transplant: Better Review, Better Result

Donor Area of FUE Transplant: Better Review, Better Result

a-) What is the donor area?First of all, it consists on removing the hair follicles from one part of the body ‘’called donor area’’. Then, re-implant them on the baldness zone called recipient area. The surgeon can’t create donor hair. The donor area is exceedingly...

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