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      Hair transplant prices from one clinic to another?
      “In Europe:

      Hair transplant prices in European clinics, the price of a FUE procedure starts at 4000 € for a small session, the average for a procedure with 1500 -2500 grafts implanted is rather around 5000€- 6000€, and the price can go up to 8000 to 10000 € or more.”
      “We must not stay on clinics that promise thousands of hairs for less than 3000 € in Europe…

      This is practically impossible in terms of profitability. Taxes, personnel costs, the price of the equipment used. The rental of blocks are not covered by such an amount.

      Disparities in prices in clinics are easily explained. If the doctor performs your procedure, the fee is higher.

      If it is the doctor’s assistants (not doctors) who perform the procedure, then it will be cheaper.

      It is possible to always find cheaper. However, will the result and the quality of the work be there?


      Turkey, is the leading destination for FUE Hair Grafting, at a much more attractive price than in Europe and in most countries of the world. The experience of the doctors and the work are often excellent in terms of quality and price of FUE hair transplants.

      Indeed, the running costs of the clinics, the staff costs, the equipment used are less expensive and therefore the prices are much lower.”
      What is the average price for a FUE Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey?
      “However, it is very difficult to make the right choice among the hundreds of centers or websites that exist.

      There are good doctors who specialize in hair implants. But there are also centers where these procedures are performed only by health professionals (not doctors). Which ones? How do I know?

      Again, the price and location should give you an indication.

      Example for an intervention at less than 2000 € all-inclusive flight, hotel etc., more than 4000 grafts or more, YOU CAN BE MEFIIED FOR CAMPAIGN!
      You clearly fell into a hair transplant factory on a chain! The procedures are performed by assistants (not doctors), you will be transplanted with several patients. At the same time, you will not meet doctors on site, the quality of the work, and the materials used will be very variable. Post-operative and follow-up recommendations will be non-existent!
      “For example between 2500-4000€ with hotel for 3 days THAT SEMBLE REASONABLE!

      Hair transplant prices you are in a good average price for quality care provided abroad. There will probably be a contact person speaking your language on the spot or even the Doctor as at Hairmedico. The doctor will be present, will make your consultation before the operation, and will make the tracing and planning of the areas to be grafted. The Hair Implant Doctor will do the surgical procedures and there will be a follow-up during the regrowth period by email or phone, and sometimes a contact person in your country.”