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      Afro hair transplant has developed over the past few years into a reliable hair transplant technique, despite not being a common procedure. In comparison to other hair types, afro hair is unquestionably more challenging to transplant. But as technology has advanced, those with afro-textured hair are now considered great candidates for hair transplants.

      For this reason, we will describe how the afro hair transplant functions in this article and consider whether it is successful to perform in Turkey. We’ll tell you about the afro hair transplant in Turkey and explore why they’re so common there.

      Afro Hair Transplant Turkey Overview

      You might be wondering about where to get an afro hair transplant given how popular they are right now. You could even ask if it’s even possible to get an afro hair transplant in Turkey. In response to your question, we would like to mention that Turkey is home to a large number of professionals and hair transplant doctors who undertake afro hair transplants.

      In Turkey, there are afro hair transplant specialists with ethnic hair transplant experience. It also makes Turkey an excellent option for patients because you can get an afro hair transplant there for less price than in Eu member countries.

      Who Can Get Afro Hair Transplant

      Afro-type curly hair transplantation is undoubtedly challenging.  Afro-type curls, which are defined as tight curly hair, are frequently seen in the hair of people with African American, black, or Afro-Caribbean heritage. This kind of hair is curly both on the outside and inside the scalp. This is why, in comparison to other hair types, an afro hair transplant is frequently considered to be difficult.

      Given the details about the afro hair transplant we’ve provided above, it’s safe to presume that those with this hair type can benefit from having an afro hair transplant.

      Which is the Best Technique for Afro Hair Transplantation?

      There are two methods for afro hair transplantation, as you can discover when you look them up online: A technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), method and The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

      The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) treatment transfers a strip of hair follicles from the back of your head’s scalp to bald or thinning parts of your hair. However, a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) uses tiny punctures to transplant hair follicles from all over your head to bald or thinning parts of your scalp.

      According to experts, FUE is the most widely used method for transplanting afro hair. By concentrating on the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles without disturbing your hair’s natural shape, this technique replaces the conventional FUT procedure. This approach is popular for afro hair transplant since it has minimal side effects, long-lasting results, and protects the roots of afro-type curly hair.

      However, some experts claim that DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) may be a better option based on the individual’s hair structure when compared to FUE treatment.  It may take less time to complete the DHI treatment than FUE since it uses a specialized CHOI Pen, also known as a DHI Implanter or DHI Pen during the hair implantation process.

      Remember that hair transplant doctors recommend and encourage the FUE procedure over DHI therapy for people with afro-type curly hair, even though you might feel more motivated to have DHI treatment.

      Does Hair Transplant Work on Afro Hair?

      It could seem impossible to conduct an afro hair transplant due to the lack of articles regarding African Americans and African Caribbeans receiving afro hair transplants. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although in the past hair transplant specialists had difficulty doing hair transplants in afro-type curly hair, it is now much simpler to do so thanks to technological advancements.

      FUT and FUE techniques were previously challenging to understand when used on afro-type hair. It was difficult to do hair transplants because of the risk of injuring the curly hair roots and leaving a scar in people with afro-type curly hair because those roots occupy a much broader region. But modern technical advancements support a successful hair transplant procedure. Modern techniques and tools make it simpler to carry out an afro hair transplant.

      Why Afro Hair Transplantation Should Be Done in Turkey?

      Numerous skilled afro hair transplant experts in Turkey could assist you if you are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness. Afro hair transplants are a great choice for those seeking reasonable pricing because skilled and specialized surgeons and clinics in Turkey provide them.

      It should be noted that Istanbul is home to the majority of facilities in Turkey that perform afro hair transplants. Therefore, you should check up on afro hair transplant in Istanbul if you’re looking for the best yet most reasonably priced clinics.

       Is hair transplantation possible for Afro hair?

      In the past years, Afro hair was not suitable for the existing hair transplantation technologies of that time. Even if the operations were performed, the probability of scarring was very high, which meant nothing but an unsuccessful result.Thus, for instance, it was unlikely that an African American would achieve the desired appearance after the operation. But over time, this has changed. Now, hair transplantation can be done in this hair type and its surgery is successful. While the hair transplant Turkey welcomes people of African origin, hair transplant Turkey cost also attracts these people. In addition, it should be mentioned that there are pros and cons of Afro hair.

      Afro Hair Transplant

      Which aspects of Afro hair should be considered in hair transplantation?

      As is known, people of African descent have very curly hair. The tight curls of this hair type have curly follicles inside scalp. In this case, it used to make it more challenging to extract the follicle in the donor area during hair transplantation. It should also be noted that the hair roots ( follicle) of this curly hair type also occupy a wider area on the inner surface. Also, men of African descent have a straighter and lower hairline than others, such as that of Asian men. Although the density in the donor areas is low, there are positive aspects of Afro hair. With the volume added by the hair curls, the density appears much better in this hair type, which makes the result of the operation much more successful under the name of African American hair transplant Turkey.  Also, on dark skin, the redness that may occur after the operation is almost invisible. Even if it appears, it fades much faster than people with lighter skin tones.

      Can women with Afro hair have a hair transplant?

      Just as cornrows cause hair loss in black men; tight braids, cornrows, buns and many more done by black women, can cause the same result. This undesired appearance of hair may be quite irritating. In this case, just as hair transplant for black males is possible, it is exactly the same for black females. With a natural hair transplant done by lowering the hairline can help black women to get rid of the appearance of hair loss.

      Where is the best place to have an African hair transplant?

      In Turkey, especially the hair transplant Istanbul attracts all the attention. Hairmedico Clinic with Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh’s professionalism and 16 years of experience, is the preferred address for Afro hair transplantation. Dr. ARSLAN, one of the leading names in FUE hair transplantation in Turkey, performs many Afro hair transplants per year. The Hairmedico team also maintains this professionalism and consists of nurses who desire the best results in hair transplantation. Therefore, if you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, no matter what your hair type is, Hairmedico Clinic is one of the most recommended clinics you can find.

      1. Is hair transplant methods suitable for afro-type hair?

      When compared to other hair types, those with curly afro-type hair can now obtain an equally good hair transplant result. FUE treatment can be performed on afro-type hair without difficulty thanks to new equipment and cutting-edge technology created specifically for people with curly hair of this type. Furthermore, the tight, distinctive curls of this hairstyle give the appearance that achieving dense hair will be simple and successful.

      2. Is it safe to have an afro hair transplant in Turkey?

      Afro hair transplants may now be done safely thanks to hair transplant techniques like FUE and DHI. This also holds for the afro hair transplant in Turkey. Both the FUE and DHI techniques have low operating and post-surgery risks due to the absence of cuts or stitches. Turkish afro hair transplant experts also provide swift and secure care.

      3. Is the afro hair transplant painful?

      You may be concerned about the treatment’s potential for pain given that it involves surgery. However, with afro hair transplants, this is not the case. Your doctor will use a local anesthetic during the procedure to prevent you from feeling any pain. This will allow for a successful afro hair transplant. You can have some pain in the areas where you received treatment after the hair transplant. You may use painkillers, though, if your doctor advises it.

      4. Does hair transplant treatment work for Afro hair?

      First of all, Afro Hair transplantation is very popular. Afro hair transplantation methods include FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). Both Afro Caribbean men and women can have Afro hair surgery if they are eligible and desired.