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The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a solution for Afro type hair. With this technique, the grafts are extracted individually using a fine micro-punch (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter depending on the quality of the hair) from the donor area at the back of the head.

This should be done by surgeons who specialize in African hair transplantation. Hairmedico hair transplant clinic has an experienced doctor and team.

This technique allows to obtain several numbers of grafts of 1 to 3 hairs each which will be re-implanted one by one as tightly as possible to provide maximum density on the recipient area. The FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT method is performed under local anesthesia.



Genetic hair loss does not distinguish between different races and ethnicities. Just like Caucasian hair loss, even if you are African, American or Asian, there is a high probability of experiencing hair loss or thinning at some point in your life.

Afro-American hair is a curly, low-density hair type. Therefore, it is less dense than other hair types;

Because African hair has a curly root (follicle), removal and transplantation procedures require maximum attention and skill for African patients.

Many people of African-American descent is reluctant to have a hair transplant because of doubts about the success of the hair transplant procedure.


There is no difference. What needs to be considered here is the homogeneous removal of the donor area and a transplant without damaging the graft.
The doctor and team that will perform the African hair transplant with the FUE technique, must be qualified and experienced in the type of African hair. There is no difference in success between the restoration of African hair follicles and other types of hair.

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