3000 hair grafts before and after

3000 hair grafts before and after is a large number of grafts and we will discuss it in this post. But first we have to know what is a graft.

A graft may be a generic term for any piece of hair-bearing tissue that’s transplanted into the scalp. whether or not it’s a contemporary follicular unit, a mini-micro, or one in all the massive 4-millimeter “plugs” of past, they’re all technically thought of grafts. Grafts are often harvested from all over the body, however they’re sometimes chosen from the bone scalp (the back of scalp called the donor zone) thanks to the hair’s high levels of property in this region. Their overall size and form area unit determined by the technology, tools, and surgical approach.

The best way to show how much area does a 3000 hair grafts before and after can cover is to show an example. This is Mr. Alexandru from Belgium who has successfully completed his hair transplant treatment here in Hairmedico with 3000 hair grafts as you can see the picture shows 3000 hair grafts before and after. 

3000 hair grafts before and after

You can see the baldness area before 3000 hair grafts and also the amount of area the those grafts covered in the after the hair transplant surgery.

In hair transplantation every case is different from the other. The amount of baldness is determining how much grafts you need in your hair transplantation process.

A great first step would be an online consultation. You can submit your photos to our top hair restoration surgeons for a complimentary evaluation. This should help lead you in the right direction. You can send us your photos with the help of this contact form or you can directly contact us at our Whatsapp.

After we receive your photos Doctor Arslan will check them and we will soon let you know if you need 3000 hair grafts or less.

You can also see some other results as well apart from 3000 hair grafts before and after in this link.

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