Different Techniques of Hair Transplantation- Dr. Arslan Musbeh


Here are some useful information about hair transplantation that will allow you to sort through the arguments and techniques of practitioners. How to make the right choice for your hair, beard and eyebrow transplant?

There are two different methods in the field of hair transplantation:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): This is the old strip technique. A strip of hair skin is removed to obtain hair follicles. This technique leaves a linear scar on the back of the head.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): is the most sophisticated method, effective, painless and scarless leaving only tiny dots on the back of the head that will be hidden by existing hair.

The appearance of the scar on the donor area is therefore a criterion allowing patients to choose one technique or the other.

  • What is the FUE hair transplant method?

The technical hair graft FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique of grafting. The grafts are removed using a fine micro-punch (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter depending on the quality of the hair) directly from the donor area to the back of the head. This technique makes it possible to obtain several thousand grafts of 1 to 3 hairs each which will then be re-implanted one by one as tight as possible on the recipient area. This operation is done under local anesthesia, it is painless and the result is final.

  • Proceeding of the FUE- Hair Transplantation.

Grafts picking phase:

The donor area (graft extraction area) is limited:

The number of follicles, able to removed, is determined according to the age of the patient, the potential evolution of his baldness, the limited or unlimited capacity of the donor area… The goal is not to extract at any cost a spectacular number of grafts, regardless of the age of the patient, his alopecia profile, or the level of the donor area. It is necessary to pay attention to the arguments put forward on the Internet sites and in certain centers of hair implants which are often catchy but do not reflect  the reality!

The grafts are removed manually or motorised from the shaved back part of the head ‘donor area’. We extract directly grafts often containing 1 to 3 hairs each (ultra-micrografts) which are stored temporarily in a preservation solution before being implanted on the recipient area. The harvesting stage is the longest, lasting several hours for several thousand of grafts.

Follicles that are extracted  DONT GROW in the donor area (or in very small quantities)! Each patient has a limited stock of hair that can be removed and implanted over several hair transplant sessions. It is therefore important that the physician analyze the patient’s baldness level so that future sessions can be planned.

Preparation of the recipient area / Implantation of grafts:

This step consists of making numerous small incisions about 1 mm wide on the bald area called slits, using a sapphire microblade. The incisions must be made by a specialist surgeon in capillary implant who knows the procedures for the depth of the incisions, the density of the incisions, the direction of regrowth of each bald area.

There are several graft implantation techniques: Tweezers or Choï Pen also known as DHI (Direct Hair Implantation):

  • FUE Implantation tweezers
    It involves placing the micro-grafts very gently one by one in the incisions (previously made by the doctor) using a micro-tweezers or forceps. Each graft is inserted into the incisions in a perfectly anchored and stabilized manner so that only the superficial part of the hair remains visible on the surface. The ultra-micro-grafts of 1 hair are preferably placed on the front line, those containing more than 2 hairs are placed in the middle and more at the back.


FUE with froceps implantation technique


  • FUE implantation Pen (CHOI pen) / Direct Hair ImplantationThe Direct Hair Implant technique (DHI) is the evolution of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method.The difference is that for the DHI, the implantation and incisions  of the channels are done at the same time with Choi implanting pens:The Choi implanting pen contains a needle where the follicle is placed to be deposited directly in the recipient area. Implantation can be done between existing hair without shaving hair on the receiving area. This technique is used most often for female hair transplant and for patients who dont want shave the hair.


DHI Technique of Implantation

This act must be done by a specialist in hair implants and a medical team who must have use knowledge of tools and the placement of grafts in implant pens. For the use of the Choi pen, you need a larger team that is why the DHI technique costs more than the technique FUE tweezers.

The specialist hair transplant doctor can tell his patient if this method is applicable or not according to the level of baldness and the quality of the hair.

Duration of the intervention:

The duration of the FUE hair transplant procedure, depends largely on the extraction phase. It takes a total of between 6 and 8 hours of operation for about 4000 grafts.

Result after the intervention

At the end of the procedure, the appearance of the transplanted area is very discreet. The sampling area where grafts were removed will leave many small holes less than one millimeter in diameter. The healing will be spontaneous leaving small white dots almost invisible that will be hidden by the existing hair once pushed.

Implanting hair in an area with heavy existing hair increases the risk of Shockloss!

Shockloss is a reactional hair loss related to a hair transplant procedure.

It can intervene:

– performing hair transplant for  patient who has hair loss active (unstabilized)

– doing hair transplant for a young patinet (less then 25 years old).

– implanting too many grafts in the same session. The tired scalp can not feed all the new follicles and may reject some of them.

  • Price of a FUE hair transplant: the difference quotation in Europe and abroad

What is the price for a FUE Hair Transplant? Why the price differ from one clinic to another?


In Europe:

In European clinics, the price of a FUE intervention starts from 4000 € for a small session, the average for an intervention with 1500 to 2500 implanted grafts is rather around 5000 € – 6000 €, and the price can go up to 8000 to 10000 €. Do not stay on clinics that promise thousands of hair for less than € 3,000 … This is almost impossible in terms of profitability. Personnel costs, taxes, the price of the equipment used, the hiring of the blocks are not covered by such an amount.

Price disparities in clinics are easily explained. If it is the doctor who carries out your intervention, the price is more expensive. If the doctor’s assistants (non-doctors) perform the procedure, then it will cost less. It is possible to always find cheaper, but the result and quality of the work will be as expected?


Turkey, is the flagship destination for FUE Hair Transplant at a more attractive price comparing to  Europe. The experience of doctors and result are often excellent in terms of quality/price FUE hair transplant. Indeed, staff costs, operating costs of the clinic, equipment … are cheaper so prices are much lower than in Europe.

However it is very difficult to make the right choice among the hundreds of centers or websites that exist. There are good practitioners, but also centers where the interventions are done only by nurses and assistants (not doctor). Which? Here again the price and the place should give  an indication.

Example 1: less than 2000 € all inclusive flight, hotel etc …, more than 4000 grafts or more, BE CAREFUL !

You have clearly fallen into a chain transplant factory, where the interventions are performed by assistants (not doctors), you won’t meet doctors on the spot, the quality of the intervention, instruments will be very variable, post-operative recommendations will be non-existent and no follow-up!

Example 2: Between 2500-4000 € with hotel for 3 days THIS IS REASONABLE!

You are in a good average price for quality care done abroad. There will probably be an interlocutor speaking your language on the spot or even the doctor like at Hairmedico. The doctor will be present during your intervention, will do the surgical acts and a follow-up by email or phone, sometimes a consultation  in-person in your country.

Summary in a few words:
-The hair transplant is a serious surgical procedure that must be performed by a doctor and specialized team in a clinic that complies perfectly with standards hygiene.

-Request:  it is the doctor who will support the intervention or it will be only assistants (not doctor)?

– The specialist physician of the hair implant who must take you on consultation before your operation. He/She needs to determine the number of grafts  and do the tracing. He/She must prepare and determine the different areas cleared to distribute logically grafts. The doctor himself  will perform the surgical procedures because the depth of the incisions, the direction of the regrowths of the hair are very important for a successful result of  hair transplantation. The doctor must be present from the beginning to the end of the operation with the patient.

-A doctor must not operate more than 1 or 2 patients per day to provide quality .

-Attention to the promise of large numbers of hair to implant, your donor area is limited and no longer pushes back when moved. the aspect is important!

-Where do you want to extract your follicles? Donor area (back of the head)? Outside donor area (body, beard …)? Great caution for the quality of the hair of different areas. The doctor should analyze the quality of the hair and inform the patient if it will give a satisfactory and natural result.

-Is it the number of grafts announced or the result that matters to you? It is a cosmetic surgery, the goal is not to damage the donor area to correct your baldness!

-Is it better to pay a low price for a random result? Or pay a reasonable price for a satisfactory result?

If you have questions about hair loss, FUE hair transplant, which technique to choose for your hair implantation or do not know how to choose the right doctor or clinic, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website internet  www.hairmedico.com

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