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I performed a FUE- hair transplant in Turkey with Dr. Arslan, and I can testify today that I am fully satisfied and the result, the follow up, the quality of service and the professionalism of his team.

I did research on the internet and I consult the reviews and forums and saw the path of Dr. Arslan I did not hesitate for a long time to make my choice. And I’m not disappointed with my career. I am followed permanently by her assistant who answers all my questions. Frankly it is a team very attentive and skills assured.

Redouane / FRANCE FUE Method – Hair Transplant


Hair care in today, minoxidile and finasteride are the only FDA-approved treatments.


The operation of Minoxidil for hair care is still uncertain. It can prevent or delay follicular miniaturization.

For MPHL, a 5% solution is higher than a 2% solution. For FPHL (Hair Loss in Women), a 1% and 2% Minoxidil solution, both increase the number of hair. The recommended dosage is 1 ml (25 drops) for both formulas, ie 2% and 5%, or the application of the foam full of half cork 2 times per week.

Duration of treatment of Minoxidil

Side effects include skin irritation, hypertrichosis on the face and hands, and tachycardia. A 5% preparation of foam without propylene glycol is potentially less irritating and less dirty. Hypertrichosis is completely reversible.

Are there any diseases or problems that contraindicate the use of Minoxidil hair care?

Pregnant and nursing women should not use it. It should be used cautiously for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.


How does Finasteride work?

Finasteride is a type 2 reductase inhibitor. It reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

What are the benefits of Finasteride hair care?

In 80% of treatments with Finasteride, significant growth in hair number and fiber size are observed by prolonged periods of hair regrowth.

How long will it take to notice progress with the use of Finasteride?

The progress is noticed in 6 to 12 months from the beginning of treatment. Use for 2 years is required to achieve maximum effect and continuous use is recommended in order to maintain this benefit. Interruption of treatment will cause undesirable results.

In what part of the scalp does Finasteride work more effectively?

Finasteride is more effective on the vertex and upper-frontal scalp parts. However, it is possibly effective wherever miniaturized hairs are present.

What dosage is recommended for hair care?

The mean dosage is 1mg/day, but significant progress is observed with the dosage of 2mg/day.

Is there a possible reaction with other drugs?

No drug reaction is known.

Are there any diseases or problems that contraindicate the use of Finasteride?

Finasteride should not be used by pregnant women and patients with liver disease.

What are the side effects?

The reported side effects of using Finasteride include: decreased libido (1.9%), erectile dysfunction (1.3%) and ejaculatory dysfunction (1%). In some patients, adverse drug effects persist after discontinued use after at least 3 months. However, the obvious cause is not yet determined, the FDA has warned of possible adverse sexual effects, except the interruption. Finasteride works to reduce prostate specific antigen (PSA) and gynecomastia that have been rarely reported. A recent study examines the binding of 5-ARI to healthy human cancer. The result revealed that there is no link between them.


How does Dutasteride work?

Dutasteride is a type I and Type II 5a reductase inhibitor that prevents hair growth and hair volume by improving the ratio of anagenic hair to telogenic hair and having an improved result on scalp coverage.

What dosage is recommended?

The dosage of 0.5 mg/day of Dutasteride is considered adequate to improve or prevent the progression of MPHL.

What are the adverse effects of Dutasteride?

The adverse effects of Dutasteride are impotence, decreased libido, healthy sensitivity and ejaculatory dysfunction.

Are there any diseases or problems that contraindicate the use of Dutasteride?

Because of its long half-life, the man treated with Dutasteride should not donate blood. Women of childbearing age who do not use contraception should not use Dutasteride. In addition, liver function should be monitored while taking this medication.

         Plasma-Rich Plasmas

PRP is an autologous preparation of plasma enriched with platelets. PRP is frequently used in operations and aspects related to scar healing. Some hair transplant surgeons use PRP either for the storage of grafts in PRP or for the injection of PRP into the scalp before implanting the grafts. The data to confirm the direct effect on hair growth stimulation are limited.

Prostaglandin analog (PG)

The PG is closely related to hair regrowth because PGE2 and PGF2a promote it while PGD2 prevents hair regrowth. In less serious cases of alopecia in men, 0.1% of latanoprost, a PGF2 analogue have shown that they significantly decrease the density and pigmentation of hair.


Ketoconazole is an effective antimycotic for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff that stimulates hair regrowth. It is usually used with other alopecia treatments.

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