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I performed a FUE- hair transplant in Turkey with Dr. Arslan, and I can testify today that I am fully satisfied and the result, the follow up, the quality of service and the professionalism of his team.

I did research on the internet and I consult the reviews and forums and saw the path of Dr. Arslan I did not hesitate for a long time to make my choice. And I’m not disappointed with my career. I am followed permanently by her assistant who answers all my questions. Frankly it is a team very attentive and skills assured.

Redouane / FRANCE FUE Method – Hair Transplant

PRP Hair loss treatment (Plasma Rich Platelets)

PRP is used to boost the recovery of your grafts and the rapid healing of your transplant, your Plasma Rich Plate is used.



PRP advantage of hair transplantation is to minimize grafts trauma and to accelerate the healing of areas operated.

These injections will allow to regenerate, to slow down the fall of hairs and to favor their regrowth.

How is the it prepared?

To prepare the Plate Rich Plasma, our nurse takes your blood using an ordinary blood test (about 10 ml) in a specific tube that contains a substance that separates the plasma from the red blood cells by centrifugation. It has to be centrifuged for about 5 minutes.

How is the PRP injected?

While you will have you PRP hair treatment the Plate Rich Plasma is injected into the scalp with a fine needle in a homogeneous manner while allowing full control of the depth of injection.

How does it work?

The Plate Rich Plasma platelets contain a very large number of so-called “growth factors” which, injected progressively and locally into the scalp, will affect the stem cells of the hair follicles.

Growth factors will stimulate stem cells and promote the formation of new blood vessels. Injections ofPlate Rich Plasma into the hair, allow a better circulation of the scalp. Being better nourished, the regrowth of the hair will be better and the fall slowed down.

An improvement can be seen from the 2nd session with brighter, silkier and thicker hair to the touch.

PRP hair treatment is a very useful method for getting back you hair.

HAIRMEDICO recommends:

An attack treatment is recommended over a period of one month with 3 sessions spaced 15 days apart. Then, a single maintenance session is necessary every 3 to 6 months depending on the results obtained.

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