Hair transplant before after advice

I performed a FUE- hair transplant in Turkey with Dr. Arslan, and I can testify today that I am fully satisfied and the result, the follow up, the quality of service and the professionalism of his team.

I did research on the internet and I consult the reviews and forums and saw the path of Dr. Arslan I did not hesitate for a long time to make my choice. And I’m not disappointed with my career. I am followed permanently by her assistant who answers all my questions. Frankly it is a team very attentive and skills assured.

Redouane / FRANCE FUE Method – Hair Transplant
Hair transplant before after
  • You will need to get a Blood Test before the operation , the doctor will check  it .

       Analyzes to be done :


      -VDRL-RPR – HbsAg – Anti  HBs – Anti HCV – Anti HIV

  • You have to notify any recent intake of medication.

  • You have to notify every change in your health condition.

  • You will not take aspirin during 5 days preceding and following your hair transplant. If the aspirin intake is related to a treatment for the heart, you would have to ask your cardiologist to suspend the aspirin intake.

  • You have to avoid using alcohol 2 days before the Hair Transplant.

  • You have to avoid smoking the day of the operation and the couple hours following it.

You can contact us directly if you have any problem with your hair transplant before after.

  • You have to do a hair wash the morning of the operation.

  • You will not apply any capillary lotions, neither gel or spray.

  • You should not come with an empty stomach, you should in contrary get abig breakfast.

  • Prevoy something easy to put on after the hair transplant to not damage the grafs. (shirt, t-shirt with button…)

  • The hair transplant will be done under local anesthesia.

  • The time of the transplant varies from 6 to 8 hours depending on the surface to be treated.

  • The giving surface will be protected with a bandage that will be taken off 24 to 48 hours following the hair transplant.

  • Antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed to you after the operation.

You can contact us directly if you have any problem with your hair transplant before after.

  • The first days

    • You have to avoid at any price touching the grafs because they could come out of the incisions. You have to stay in a semi-laid position with 2 or 3 pillows to keep your head raised up.

    • A feeling of tightness is possible around the donor area.

    • Crusts will form the next day and will fall at the first and second hair wash.

    • Redness on the scalp may appear for about 1 week to 10 days after the transplant,

    • Eventually swelling (edema) may occur at the nose and forehead for 2 or 3 days after surgery. This disappears no later than 6 or 7 days later.

    Hair wash

    • You must wash your hair 48 hours after the surgery and then every 2 days for at least 1 month.

    • Use a shampoing with a neutral PH (baby shampoo)

    • In a plastic container, mix the warm water with the shampoo and massage very gently, with your fingertips,,

    the grafted area and the donor area.

    • For rinsing, pour lukewarm water over your head using a container.

           Avoid direct contact with the jet of water coming directly from the shower (due to the pressure),

           until the 15th day after the hair transplant.

    You can contact us directly if you have any problem with your hair transplant before after.

  • You can resume your job if it is not a job that requires heavy physical effort.
  • Do not make too much physical effort for 1 week after the procedure: avoid leaning forward,
  • to blow your nose too hard …,
  • You have to stop athletic activities for at least 15 days.
  • Avoid the pool for 1 month.

You can contact us directly if you have any problem with your hair transplant before after.

The first month
In the first days, small crusts will form at the base of each capillary graft. As in any healing process, small crusts will itch more and more and then fall into the form of dandruff.
After hair transplantation, the hair roots are weakened due to the reduced oxygen supply. 2 or 3 weeks later, the hair that is still present in the transplanted roots will fall off. This is a perfectly natural process. Since hair roots are only weakened and undamaged, they reproduce new healthy hair that will be visible between 2 to 5 months after surgery.

2nd to 5th month after the hair transplant
From the 2nd month, you will feel that the new hair begins to grow. Although this is often perceived as a disturbing factor by the patient, this irritation is part of the growth process since the new hair is trying to come out on the surface. At first the hair will still be fine and sparse but in the long run, they will take thickness and density.
One year after the hair transplant
The final result of a transplant is definitely established after twelve months. The transplanted hair then grows quite like natural hair and does not require special care.

You can contact us directly if you have any problem with your hair transplant before after.

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