Hair Transplant Training

Training Program on Hair Transplantation Method FUE Physicians / Medical Assistants
Our extensive experience in the field of capillary implant allows us to offer a training program for doctors and assistants.
Dr. ARSLAN regularly trains surgeons and assistants from different countries in Europe, the Maghreb and other countries of the world.
We offer training courses in some of our facilities, but we also have the opportunity to move to your clinics and centers. For more information about the program, locations and rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Training content :

· First contact with patients via Internet / Telephone …
· Patient management and personalized diagnosis
· Preparation and planning of recipient transplantation
· Preparation of local anesthesia
· Presentation of capillary transplantation equipment and tools
· Preparation of the operating theater
· Sampling, counting, division, cleaning, management and management of plugins
· Observation and practice of canal incisions and surgical techniques and gestures
· Plug-in implantation techniques
· Preparations and injections PRP (Plasma Rich Plaquette) at the end of the intervention and information on the benefits on the hair transplant
· Fine dressing
· Treatment and care
· Basic knowledge and medication needed before and after surgery
· Post-operative follow-up


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