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      Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical procedure to restore or improve the appearance of eyebrows. It is usually performed on people with sparse, sparse or missing eyebrows, which can be due to a number of reasons such as over-plucking, genetic predisposition, trauma or disease.


      What Is Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

      It involves transplanting hair follicles from a donor area (usually from the back of the scalp) into the eyebrow area, resulting in fuller, more defined eyebrows.

      Hair grafts are surgically removed from the densest areas and transplanted to the target area according to the technique.

      Hair transplants can be used to replace eyebrow hairs that do not regrow. Similar to hair transplant surgery, the procedure for regrowing eyebrows involves transplanting hair roots from the neck region.


      Here is a step-by-step explanation of how eyebrow transplantation is typically performed.


      Consulataion for Eyebrow transplantation Doctor ARSLAN

      During the consultation, our doctor will assess the condition of your eyebrows and determine the appropriate treatment plan with you.

      Choice of Donor Region:

      The surgeon identifies a suitable donor area, usually the back of the scalp, where the hair is similar in texture and quality to the eyebrows. In some cases, body hair from the chest or other areas can be used as a donor source when scalp hair is insufficient.

      Local Anaesthesia and Removal of Hair Follicles:

      Local anaesthesia is applied to numb the donor area and the eyebrow area where the hair will be transplanted.

      The surgeon will use the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area. With FUE, a 0.70 size punch instrument is used to carefully remove each individual hair follicle. This method minimises scarring, achieves a single graft and provides precise extraction.

      Incisions in the Eyebrow Area and Placement of Hair Follicles:

      Microscopic small slits are created in the brow area with lam sapphire, following the natural shape and direction of growth of the brow hairs. After this procedure
      The extracted hair follicles are precisely placed into incisions in the brow area. The surgeon must ensure that the transplanted hairs are positioned at the correct angle, direction and density to mimic natural eyebrow growth.



      doctor arslan hair transplant surgeon

      Eyebrow Growth and Results:

      Eye brow transplantation in Turkey

      In the weeks following eyebrow transplantation, the transplanted hairs will enter the shedding phase, which is a normal part of the process. New hair growth will gradually occur from the transplanted follicles and will typically begin within a few months. It may take several months for the transplanted eyebrows to fully grow and achieve the desired results.


      It is important to note that the specific details of the procedure may vary depending on the surgeon’s technique and the individual needs of the patient. You can request a consultation with ARSLAN Musbeh, MD, a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon specialising in eyebrow transplantation, to discuss the procedure in detail and determine the most appropriate approach for you.

      Eyebrow Hair Loss Reasons

      Eyebrow hair loss may be observed due to several reasons.

      One of the most frequent causes of eyebrow treatment is excessive eyebrow plucking. It results in the irreversible loss of eyebrow follicles over time.

      Another factor contributing to partial hair loss in the brows is eyebrow makeup for density and thickness. Such paint’s chemical components harm the follicles.

      Another factor contributing to the loss of eyebrows is aging, which is a normal, unavoidable process.

      In general, there are a lot of other causes of hair loss. Scars and injuries, hereditary conditions, thyroid issues, and other medical procedures including chemotherapy or radiation therapy. For any of the aforementioned reasons or another private motive.

      How Does Eyebrow Hair Transplantation Work?

      Oral sedation and local anesthetic are used during the outpatient, in-office surgery of eyebrow hair transplantation. No general anesthetic is necessary. With the patient’s feedback, the doctor will custom design the patient’s eyebrows, paying particular attention to how well they complement each person’s facial traits.

      Hair is often removed from the back of the head under local anesthetic by either punching out individual hairs or extracting a strip of donor hair that has been separated into individual hairs under a microscope. These donor hairs are then implanted into individual, tiny incision sites that are just big enough to accommodate the hair follicle in the intended eyebrow location. For a perfectly natural-looking outcome, the doctor will design each site to flow with the angle of exit and direction of eyebrow hairs. Following transplantation, the follicles will begin to produce new hairs 3–4 months following the treatment, with the finest results appearing 6–8 months later.

      Advantages of Eyebrow Transplantation

      The brows are a highly important feature of the face. We can all agree that well-groomed brows can draw attention to one’s best facial feature, notably the eyes. Thus, it should come as no surprise that many women have been making an effort to enhance their brows through various means. However, brow transplants soon emerged as a seductive new choice in the field of cosmetic surgery.

      There are several reasons for you to get an eyebrow transplantation:

      • You can get thicker eyebrows. The goal of an eyebrow transplant is to give your eyes a better framing by giving you a good set of eyebrows, regardless of the reason for your eyebrow hair loss and thinning.
      • If you feel insecure about your eyebrows being thin, then you can have an increased self-confidence after getting an eyebrow transplant.
      • Facial expressions. Eyebrows are important for showing emotions and reacting in daily life. You can get more defined eyebrows with an eyebrow transplantation, and with the right shape and dimensions, you can effectively use your expressions.
      • Eyebrow transplantation is a permanent solution for your hair loss.
      • You can hide your scars and marks on your face with a successful eyebrow hair transplant.

      Eyebrow Transplant Cost In Turkey

      Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is very popular among people from different countries. Due to low prices when compared to European countries and the US, the work is excellent, and it is cheaper. Thus, eyebrow transplant in Istanbul has become one of the most popular choices for people considering getting an eyebrow transplant. There are reliable and high-quality service-offering eyebrow transplant centers in Turkey.

      Even though eyebrow transplantation is regarded as a simple and quick procedure, skilled hands are required to do it owing to the aesthetic appeal and expression it gives your face. The cost of brow transplants is one of today’s most puzzling topics.

      While some eyebrow transplant clinics calculate prices per-root, others do your operations with no graft limitations during the operation.

      How to chapter works Eyebrow Transplant Turkey?


      Fourthly and most importantly, the surgeon use FUE Sapphire technique (Extraction of Follicular Units) without leaving any traces moreover, he performed under local anesthesia and the intervention. May take between 1 and 3 hours. (depending on the eyebrow line reconstructed.)

      The surgeon removes very fine hairs one by one from the top of the nape which is the donor area.

      Afterwards, places them back in the recipient areas of the eyebrow to be corrected. The incision is making with a very fine sapphire scalpel.

      In order that achieve a good density and to achieve the most natural result possible.

      According to the elongation, direction of the eyebrow. The grafts implanted with a pair of tweezer.

      Therefore, paying attention to the original shape of eyebrow has more distribution and direction of the hair follicles.

      An average of 150 to 200 grafts required to fully restore the eyebrow lines.

      Finally, check out our review of Eyebrow Transplant Turkey.


      Eyebrow Transplant Result & Reviews

      Similar to hair transplant surgery, newly transplanted brows develop in much the same way. The patient may have a short-term syndrome termed shock-loss within 15 days of the surgery. The patient will see evident hair growth over the course of the following three months. After the treatment, between 8 and 12 months later, the outcomes can be seen.

      Which Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey?

      Eyebrow Transplant Turkey and The eyebrow transplantation procedure is performed. Individually with the FUE technique as in traditional hair transplantation.

      First of all, eyebrow is a bristle, it becomes sparse or not removed when traumatized.

      Secondly, Eyebrow Transplant Turkey, eyebrow region is partially or completely rebuild condensation or through a surgical implants and hair.

      Thirdly, makes it possible to bring back the comfort of a real hair and density techniques.



      All-inclusive package for HAIR TRANSPLANT

      We provide all-inclusive service to our patients coming from abroad in Turkey’s best hair transplantation center.

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      Our contracted tourism agency will offer you a comfortable stay close to the clinic during the treatment process.

      Support Multilingue

      Interpreter support during the treatment process.

      After Care Package

      Post-operation Hair Pack (Foam Shampoo + Shampoo+ vitamins + Lotion)

      After Care Service

      Post-operative follow-up for 1 year by Dr Arslan.


      We provide the pickup and drop off with private vip transportation.

      Your dedicated advisor is at your disposal to support you in your hair transplant project.

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