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    Hair loss is not unique to certain races and ethnicities. Whether you’re white, Asian, Caucasian or African-American, you may experience hair loss one day. The point that differs here is the hair types. For instance, while the hair of an Asian person is quite straight, the hair of an African origin is just as curly. Turkey is one of the most experienced countries in Afro hair transplantation. For this reason, those who want to have an Afro hair transplant ask where is the best hair transplant in Turkey for Afro hair. Hairmedico Clinic is one of the clinics pioneer in AFRO HAIR TRANSPLANT.

Is hair transplantation possible for Afro hair?

     In the past years, Afro hair was not suitable for the existing hair transplantation technologies of that time. Even if the operations were performed, the probability of scarring was very high, which meant nothing but an unsuccessful result.Thus, for instance, it was unlikely that an African American would achieve the desired appearance after the operation. But over time, this has changed. Now, hair transplantation can be done in this hair type and its surgery is successful. While the hair transplant Turkey welcomes people of African origin, hair transplant Turkey cost also attracts these people. In addition, it should be mentioned that there are pros and cons of Afro hair.

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Which aspects of Afro hair should be considered in hair transplantation?

As is known, people of African descent have very curly hair. The tight curls of this hair type have curly follicles inside scalp. In this case, it used to make it more challenging to extract the follicle in the donor area during hair transplantation. It should also be noted that the hair roots ( follicle) of this curly hair type also occupy a wider area on the inner surface. Also, men of African descent have a straighter and lower hairline than others, such as that of Asian men. Although the density in the donor areas is low, there are positive aspects of Afro hair. With the volume added by the hair curls, the density appears much better in this hair type, which makes the result of the operation much more successful under the name of African American hair transplant Turkey.  Also, on dark skin, the redness that may occur after the operation is almost invisible. Even if it appears, it fades much faster than people with lighter skin tones.

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Can women with Afro hair have a hair transplant?

Just as cornrows cause hair loss in black men; tight braids, cornrows, buns and many more done by black women, can cause the same result. This undesired appearance of hair may be quite irritating. In this case, just as hair transplant for black males is possible, it is exactly the same for black females. With a natural hair transplant done by lowering the hairline can help black women to get rid of the appearance of hair loss.

Where is the best place to have an African hair transplant?

     In Turkey, especially the hair transplant Istanbul attracts all the attention. Hairmedico Clinic with Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh’s professionalism and 16 years of experience, is the preferred address for Afro hair transplantation. Dr. ARSLAN, one of the leading names in FUE hair transplantation in Turkey, performs many Afro hair transplants per year. The Hairmedico team also maintains this professionalism and consists of nurses who desire the best results in hair transplantation. Therefore, if you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, no matter what your hair type is, Hairmedico Clinic is one of the most recommended clinics you can find.