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Hair Transplant Results


You will find below our before after of the hair and beard transplant results. At Hairmedico, Dr Arslan Musbeh is involved on the surgery as the hair transplant is a procedure must be performed by the specialist surgeon.

The FUE Hair Transplantation is a sensitive surgical act. The surgeon must be involved during the FUE hair Transplant procedure. The surgery last at least 6 hours.Hair transplant, Beard transplant, Eyebrow transplant, FUE – Sapphire method, DHI technique, Baldness treatments,

At Hairmedico, Dr Arslan operates one patient per day. Above all, it will assure the highest level of patient care, safety and results.Hair transplant (FUE Method ) online consultation, please can you send some good quality photos of the front, top, back, and sides of your head. Hairmedico Team will get back to you with a detailed assessment.At Hairmedico, Dr Arslan Musbeh performs the FUE Method, Sapphire FUE technique, DHI Technique.

Dr. ARSLAN is specialized in alopecia and hair transplantation treatments. He is currently a trainer at the D.I.U hair loss treatments and hair transplant at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France. Dr ARSLAN provides a practical training courses organized in Istanbul. Also, Workshops and Live Surgery sessions both in Turkey and abroad.

Dr ARSLAN has more than 17 years experience. He successfully performed thousands of cases of FUE hair and beard transplants on patients from different countries all over the world.

Hairmedico, one of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It has so far operated over 10,000 satisfied patients. Dr ARSLAN Musbeh has been performing hair transplantation for more than 17 years. We use different methods such as FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE, depending on the patients cases. Check our Hair and beard transplant results.

Losing hair or having baldness can be stressful, whether it’s due to health issues, stress, an unbalanced diet, or heredity. Even though a hair transplant is not the most common solution for hair loss issues, many people wonder if it will be effective for them.

People who have heard false information about hair transplants may be reluctant to try them. The surgical technique for a hair implant, however, is not complicated to carry out and is suggested to have long-lasting results.

To help you decide if this is the most suitable option for you, we will describe how hair transplantation works in this article and examine the hair transplant results.







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Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. This should be done by experienced doctors.

Which Results Can Be Achieved with a Hair Transplant?

Choosing to get a hair transplant is crucial. If the other hair treatments are ineffective for your hair growth, you might feel upset. This is where the hair transplant steps in. When patients don’t respond well to other treatments, this treatment is typically recommended.

It is best to be knowledgeable of the results of the hair transplant procedure before making a decision. Simply look at the following if you want to know how a hair transplant results for the patients:

  1. This treatment offers a permanent solution to thinning hair
  2. After the surgery, you will see your new hair become visible in 3-4 months but the outcome will be visible in 12 months.

When Can You Expect Results for Hair Transplantation?

After the procedure, which typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, the transplanted hair falls out as it acclimates to its new location before starting to grow normally again. Although it may be distressing to watch your newly transplanted hair fall, keep in mind that this is a typical stage of hair growth.

Following the procedure, your hair will grow for around 10 days before starting to fall out. This is the procedure for hair restoration. Following this, your hair growth process will consist of two growth and one resting phase. Your new hair starts to become visible following the healing process, which usually takes three to four months.

Best Hair Transplant Results

If you choose to have a hair transplant, it signifies that you want the best possible outcomes from the procedure. When you browse online for images of the best hair transplant results, you can see that for the first few weeks after a hair transplant, hair either doesn’t grow or even sheds. To observe the growth of the recently implanted follicles, you should wait six months.

Although it may depend on the patient’s hair type, medical conditions, or expectations, the best hair transplant results will be seen 12 months after the surgery.

Hair Transplant Before And After Results

You can decide if a hair transplant is the best course of action for you by looking at the before and after results. You might be able to see the hair transplant results more clearly if you compare the before and after pictures of your hair transplant. Patients’ confidence and self-esteem might improve as a result.

Before making a final decision, it’s better to know the results before and after having hair restoration, even though the process calls for patience and sensitive care. Let’s examine what needs to be done before the hair transplant procedure:

  1. You should avoid exposure to sunlight
  2. You should avoid taking aspirins or blood-reconstitution medicines
  3. You should avoid heavy meals
  4. You should try to keep your scalp clean and dry
  5. You should avoid treatments or exercises where you may get an infection

In light of these, it’s also crucial to discuss your worries, expectations, and possible outcomes with your doctor before the hair transplant procedure. You might have a good understanding of how the treatment will affect you.

You can also browse internet forums to examine before and after photos of other patients’ hair transplants. This could assist you in visualizing the surgery’s likely results. You can keep an eye on your procedure by snapping pictures every month. You can get accurate results by doing this.

1. Is hair transplantation safe and permanent?

Surgery for hair transplants is risk-free if you choose a trustworthy facility and physician. You should think about the following before selecting a clinic:

  1. Verify that the doctor you select has expertise in that field.
  2. Verify the clinic’s hygienic conditions.
  3. Verify that the clinic is performing the hair transplant operation as instructed.

Since it relies on the restoration of hair by harvesting hair from the donor region and transferring it into the recipient area, its results, even though the regeneration of hair requires a few months, are permanent and long-lasting.

2. Is the hair transplant treatment suitable for me?

The effects of the hair transplant procedure are typically long-lasting. It is effective for people who want to regrow hair that has been lost as a result of an injury or who are balding or thinning naturally. However, bear in mind that not everyone is a candidate for the hair transplant procedure.

If you have extreme thinning and balding, hair transplant treatment may not be effective for you because it entails moving existing hair into a bald area. Finding a donor region where the surgeon may extract the hair to transfer may become challenging as a result. We advise you to explore alternatives if chemotherapy or other treatments are also causing hair loss in you.

3. What are the side effects of the hair transplant method?

Since hair transplant is a medical process, there are a few potential side effects:

  1. Due to their limited lifespan, the transplanted hair may eventually become thinner like your natural hair.
  2. You can experience problems like bleeding, swelling, or scabbing in the surgical areas.
  3. You can get an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics.
  4. A sudden hair loss could occur following the procedure. However, this is temporary, and after a few months, your hair will grow back.
  5. You can experience pain following surgery, requiring the use of painkillers your doctor may recommend.
4. How is the hair transplant method chosen?

There are many factors that are important at this point. Factors such as your hairstyle, the rate of hair loss and the extent of baldness are among the prominent factors when determining the treatment method for the patient.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique for transplanting hair follicles from a part of the donor area called the ‘donor area’ to a bald or balding area of the body known as the ‘recipient area’.