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Hair Transplant Reviews in Turkey

Hair transplant services in Turkey are highly rated according to reviews of patients. Lots of patients from all over the world approve that Turkey has the best quality services when it comes to hair transplant. Firstly, they are very happy with how doctors and assistants care about them in every detail of processes. Secondly, they are satisfied with high quality hair transplant. Some of them approve that they are healing well. Lastly, affordability and medical travel determine hair transplant reviews in Turkey

Hair Transplant Reviews in Turkey


Dr. ARSLAN is specialized in alopecia and hair transplantation treatments. He is currently a trainer at the D.I.U hair loss treatments and hair transplant at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France. Dr ARSLAN provides a practical training courses organized in Istanbul. Also, Workshops and Live Surgery sessions both in Turkey and abroad.

Dr ARSLAN has more than 17 years experience. He successfully performed thousands of cases of FUE hair and beard transplants on patients from different countries all over the world.

Hairmedico, one of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It has so far operated over 10,000 satisfied patients. Dr ARSLAN Musbeh has been performing hair transplantation for more than 17 years. We use different methods such as FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE, depending on the patients cases. Check our Hair and beard transplant results.

Losing hair or having baldness can be stressful, whether it’s due to health issues, stress, an unbalanced diet, or heredity. Even though a hair transplant is not the most common solution for hair loss issues, many people wonder if it will be effective for them.

People who have heard false information about hair transplants may be reluctant to try them. The surgical technique for a hair implant, however, is not complicated to carry out and is suggested to have long-lasting results.

To help you decide if this is the most suitable option for you, we will describe how hair transplantation works in this article and examine the hair transplant results.







Good experience – I recommend

Dr ARSLAN’s team advised me well before my arrival and my support during my stay (Mandy thanks Anais), the day of the intervention doctor Dr ARSLAN and his team were professional and factual on my case by explaining to me and asking me for my opinions at all stages, I underline on this occasion the quality of care and the attention of his two assistants as well. I am at d + 8 after my transplant and I heal very well.

Simo, France

I recommend !!!

A lot of apprehension for this first experience.
Dr. ARSLAN’s team was able to answer my questions by advising me with accuracy, listening to me during and follow up afterwards.
Even before arrival, from pick-up at the airport to departure, everything is done to provide the best care. Dr. ARSLAN’s expertise for afro hair was a plus in my decision.
Several languages spoken fluently, including French by Dr. ARSLAN, and assistant gift Anaïs who follow us from taking information until after the return.
Looking forward to seeing the end result!
Professionalism, expertise, competence and close monitoring are the key words that characterize them.

Dr. R , FR

Personal expérience.

Hello I would like to inform you of my personal experience after having hesitated for a long time to proceed with a hair implant transplant I decided in December 2018 to do the operation. Following research on different forums I chose Hairmedico and Doctor Arslan. After a few months The results are spectacular and I am completely satisfied, I could not imagine such a success even my hairdresser in France was surprised to see no trace or scar. Perfect result plus the cost of the intervention very very reasonable. I thank Doctor Arslan and his entire team and highly recommend it.

Francis Amsellem, TH

NOW I know why Dr Musbeh is SO highly rated!

NOW I know why Dr. Arslan Musbeh is so highly rated for FUE Hair Transplantatiom and Hair Restoration – as THE best in Istanbul.

I’m African-American, so from the start that makes selecting a Surgeon who’s experienced with curly hair roots of utmost importance and thus narrows the options.

I had my first (of 2 stages) FUE HT at another institution in Istanbul, and although I’m please to have hair in zones 1 and 2 – versus being bald, I was disappointed to learn that too much hair was extracted from the sides and back during the first procedure. Again, this was due to my hair type and exaggerated abilities from the facility, as well as reduced costs……

Antares Bennett, US

Very good experience!

I had a FUE transplant about one month ago and each day I am thankful for choosing the doctor Arslan Musbeh! Of course I cannot see the result yet but the experience has been amazing from the beginning to the end. I was really well taken care of during my stay. The surgery went very well. My case was not really easy, i had 2 FUT before, my donor area was limited, the doctor and his fantastic team have done a great job, I really recommend this professional doctor.

Romain, CZ

Excellent service!

Dr Arslan and his team treated me like a VIP throughout my stay and during my operation!

The hotel they provided was excellent. There was other people who evidently had undergone operations so it didn’t feel too weird.

The administrator who organises everything Asma is very efficient and can answer any questions you may have, pre and post operation.

In terms of the operation day itself, we started early in the morning, I had about 5 members of staff looking after me so that was great. …………..

Oscar, UK

8 reasons why Hair Transplants are good in Turkey? 

According to patients and statistical rates in the world, hair transplants are very good in Turkey. According to reviews, these are 8 reasons why they are very good in Turkey. 

  1. Prices are very cheap. Compared to other countries, whole procedure is very cheap.
  2. In Turkey, doctors mostly use advanced FUE technique for hair transplant. Reviews of this technique are high.
  3. High quality services. Clinics increase their methods every year.
  4. All-inclusive packages. Clinics offer various services.
  5. You do not have to wait like in other countries. There are plenty of good clinics for hair transplant.
  6. Geopolitical position allows Turkey to attract patients from regions between Europe and Asia.
  7. Turkey has the best surgeons with many years of experience.
  8. Hospitality and tourist attractions of Turkey open opportunities for patients.

What is the success rate of hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant in Turkey has earned big reputation with its high rates. It has one of the most affordable and effective operations in the world. According to statistics, hair transplant success rate is 98%. It depends on expertise of medical staff. These rate depends on doctors’ considerable experience. So it means that only 2% hair transplant may fail. With these hair transplants, results can be seen in 3 to 4 months as transplanted hair begins to grow. People from all over the world review hair transplant in Turkey with high rates. 

Which one is the best hair transplant it Turkey?

When it comes to technique, FUE is the best hair transplant technique in Turkey. Lots of FUE reviews of patients approve this. Many patients show their satisfaction related to this technique. From clinic side of view, Hairmedico Clinic located in Istanbul is one of the best clinics in Turkey.

Why to Choose Hairmedico Clinic?

Hairmedico clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. There are some factors that put it at the top rates. Firstly, this clinic has the best doctors reviewed by patients. With their expertise, they provide different types of hair transplant such as eyebrow, women hair transplant, afro, DHI hair transplant and beard transplant. So they fulfill various of needs. When it comes to cost, it depends on technique of the operation and experience of doctor. Surely, pricing of this clinic depends on package choices of patients. Mostly there are three types of packages that satisfy patients according to their needs:

 These packages provide accommodation, all graft extraction, medication, VIP transfers and post operative follow ups for 1 year. You can find lots of patient reviews related to this clinic on their official website. Cost related reviews in Turkey can be taken from this clinic. Shortly, the best hair transplant reviews are seen in these types of clinics.


In this article, we explained why hair transplants, techniques and clinics are good in Turkey. These hair transplant reviews in Turkey determine its the success rate. As an example, we provided information about services of Hairmedico as one of the best clinics in Turkey.