Hair Transplant: FUE (Choi Pen) Vs FUE ( Micro Forceps )

The frequent question : do I need to perform the FUE or DHI?

What’s the difference between those process of hair transplant?


This problematic worth a clarification to better orient the patient before deciding for a Hair Transplant.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the method of hair transplant and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a technique of implantation and it is related to FUE method.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a modification of the implantation process within the FUE Hair restoration as the extraction of the grafts remains the same process.

DHI is introduced by the name of FUE Method with CHOI PEN or Unshaven Hair Transplant.

The FUE (FOLLICLAR UNIT EXTRACTION) is the process of taking the grafts one by one and implant them in the recipient area. When the level of the baldness is advanced we perform the shaven FUE which is the implantation will be done by 2 steps: preparation of emplacement of the grafts (incision) then the implantation of the grafts using Micro Forceps. If in the recipient area there are existing hairs then we perform 2 steps in one that means we do implantation directly with the CHOI PEN to avoid harming the existent hairs.

The only difference between the two techniques of implantation is that for the FUE with Micro Forceps the surgeon needs to shave both the recipient area and the donor area. Contrary to The FUE with Choi Pen the surgeon needs to shave only the donor area.

In some cases, we do perform the two types of implantation according to the level of the baldness. The level of density will be the same as its related to the grafts number not the implantation technique.

The surgeon will decide for the good technique to perform the hair transplant for each patient.


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