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      a-) What is the donor area?
      First of all, it consists on removing the hair follicles from one part of the body ‘’called donor area’’. Then, re-implant them on the baldness zone called recipient area. The surgeon can’t create donor hair. The donor area is exceedingly important to achieve the hair transplantation. For the FUE hair transplant, the main donor area is the back side of the head. Zone coding is general. So, The donor hair follicle will grow hair on the recipient target. They will never fall. The donor area starts from the left ear to the right ear.

      b-) How to estimate the grafts number based on the donor b-) How to estimate the grafts number based on the donor area?
      In addition that, capacity the hair transplant surgeon estimates the grafts number according to it’s capacity. The factors taken in consideration during the evaluation of its: -The age of the patient -The baldness level. After that, -The hair loss statue -the density of hair follicles per cm square -the hair type ( Fine, thick, curly..) The maximum of follicles extracted per session is 3500-4000 per session.

      c-) The Extraction Phase Process of Donor Zone
      Thirdly, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is harvesting the hair follicle (graft) one by one with a micro-motor punch. The diameter of the punch diameter depends on the hair type. The size of the punch varies from 0,7 mm to 0,9 mm. Moreover, Each graft removed zone never grow hair on that. The hair follicle is removed from the root and transplanted in the recipient area.
      Donor Area Perfection
      This makes the extraction phase very important. The grafts extraction phase performed by unskilled team will damage the donor area.However, When the extraction making in homogenous way, it will have patches and low density. A specialist surgeon must perform avoidly in order not to dangerous during the extraction must be performed by to avoid any graft damage.

      d-) Lastly Donor Reserve
      Finally and most importantly, The hair implant doctor takes absolute care to safeguard every hair during the procedure. It differs from patient to patient. If the hair loss is unstable, the surgeon needs to estimate a reserve of it for a second Hair Transplant.